Woss-t in Space

Day one is in the bag with only with only one glitch (more on that later).

Pedalers about to Leave Port Hardy

Pre-departure from Port Hardy

We had a pretty much perfect cycling day with clear mostly sunny skies, warm (but not too warm) temperatures and wind that was generally at our back. Once out of Port Hardy we followed Hwy 19 for almost exactly 100 km to Woss which lies pretty much in the middle of nowhere.

Wendy and Her Team

Wendy and her support team cruisin’.

Stopping for Lunch on Day 1

Lunch stop on day 1 about half way to Woss.

Colin's Clan

Nate and Joshua Campbell. Some of Colin’s Kin

Wendy and Sister Enjoying the View

Wendy and sister rock climbing just before Woss.

Arrival in Woss

Some of the Pedalers welcoming the last to arrive.

We are staying at the Rugged Mountain Motel which is the only game in town. Apparently there is a café around called “Woss Vegas” so the Wossians (what would you call someone from planet Woss?) do have a sense of humour. If they had a university I suppose they’d call it Wossamotta U.  Or not — apparently that name’s already taken.

I mentioned a glitch. Yours truly picked up a bug resulting in a certain amount of intestinal discomfort overnight and the next morning. With the negative caloric intake riding was out of the question so I spent the day riding shotgun to Brad who drove the caboose, a camper following the riders. I’m hoping for at least a partial ride tomorrow when we ride for Campbell River.

But first, sleep…

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