Day 3 Parksville Arrival

I said I was Parky-brained. In my first day-3 post I didn’t say anything about my arrival at the Travelodge where we’re staying. When I finally arrived, almost out of juice, I was met by a line of  cheerleaders – some from our travelling road show and a large cohort from the local Parksville/Qualicum support group. Doug Pickard, with his endless energy, had recruited and organized a well oiled welcoming machine. But wait, there’s more. There was the presentation of a cheque for more than $1000 from a recent garage sale and a potluck meal that couldn’t be beat.

If you’re going to get Parkinson’s, you could do much worse than to be living in Parksville/Qualicum.

Here are some pictures that Doug sent me.

Welcoming Committee

Welcoming committee at the Travelodge entrance.

Definitely a sight for sore eyes!

Alf and Brett

Alf and Brett Arriving.

Alf arriving with Grandson — no, wait — It’s Brett arriving with Granddad.

Kevin Arriving

Kevin arriving at Travelodge.

Yours truly!

Team Jillian Arriving

Jillian and Katie arrive at Travelodge

Jillian Carson (another parky!) and Katie Nelson arriving. These are the newest Pedalers joining the ride at Courtenay. With the strong head winds today, it was definitely a trial by fire — except there was no fire, just wind, the ‘fire’ is just…  You know what I mean.

Cheque for the Cause

Doug Pickard donating garage sale proceeds to Alf.

Ca-Ching! We’ve raised over $18,000 so far.

3 thoughts on “Day 3 Parksville Arrival

  1. Roxanne Stedman

    Hi Alf and Parky Pedalers
    I am planning/hoping to ride from victoria to Duncan tomorrow (Friday June 16) and meet up with you at~10 am in Duncan at the aquatic centre. Then ride back with you to Victoria. Hope that is ok with you.
    Roxanne Stedman


    1. KevinHHood Post author

      We have no problems with your plan. We are returning via Mill Bay on the 3 pm ferry and the ride ends at Centennial Park nearby.



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