Day 3 Stuff with a Little Feel-Good

Long day. Head wind and hills. Too tired for clever. Short sentences only…

Well, maybe for all you people following the ride I’ll force myself to do a better job.

Today started with a side trip. Sometime earlier (Monday?) The web-site received an email from the contact form from the nurse of a Parkinson’s patient at the New Horizons something-or-other retirement home wondering if a meeting with the Pedaler’s could be arranged. The patient had read an article about the ride in the Times Colonist. Well after a back-and-forth we pulled it off and spent 10 minutes with two Parkinson’s patients, the nurse and someone else whose role I didn’t get (or have forgotten — sorry — tired and have Parky-brain. Here’s the group picture:

Group Photo at New Horizons

Visiting 2 Parky’s at the New Horizons retirement home on our way out of Campbell River.

The next three photos were taken by Wendy and her sister.

Selfie with Photobomb

Two-Person Selfie. Hey! Where’d that rock come from? Photobomb!

Wendy and her sister got photo-bombed — by a huge rock. But was it shakin’? Dunno, but it certainly didn’t stir while we were there.

Lunch in Courtenay

Parky picture after a good lunch hosted by the Courtenay-Comox support group.

Shaw was there too with cameras and microphones.

Revealing Decor

From the how-did-they-find-that department…

David was instructed to point and I was told to publish (well not really but I couldn’t resist). It was a long difficult day and I’m impressed at some of the Pedalers’ abilities to have fun. And, in case you’re wondering, those are just mannequins..

I’ll add more pictures and comments as they come my way. Tomorrow we’re passing through my turf in Nanaimo.



2 thoughts on “Day 3 Stuff with a Little Feel-Good

  1. Camilla

    We really enjoyed our small section of your ride yesterday. We wish you all the best for your next two legs through Nanaimo and into Brentwood Bay.
    You are inspiring!


    1. KevinHHood Post author

      And thanks to you and Donald for coming along. It’s too bad you won’t be with us until the end.



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