Blustery and Then Some

We got to sleep in until a planned 9 am departure this morning. It started out rainy this morning with some wind. Then, to balance the karma gained by the extra sleep, the caps fell off both the wind-shaker and the rain-shaker and, shall we say, the recipe that we’d hoped for was ruined. To give you an indication of how bad the weather was, Wendy and her Sister didn’t stop to take a single interesting picture during the ride — or so I thought when I wrote this. I received the following image later on:

Wendy's Sister's Sign Sighting

First sign of Duncan – someone is thinking of home.

Okay, so underestimated her. Wendy’s sister was stopping to take “interesting” pictures between bouts with the wind and rain.

I might add that, to me, that sign is an indication that the running of the Hwy 19 gauntlet between Parksville and Nanaimo is almost over. That’s one of my least favourite sections of road to ride on in the Nanaimo area and today, with the wind and rain and all the traffic, it was downright dangerous.  Several Pedalers, myself included, decided to jump around the worst section riding in the Pedaler camper/trailer.

Coffee at Rawmbas

Pedalers' Coffee Break at Rawmbas

Pedalers enjoying a welcome break from the horrible wind and rain.

We did make it to our Coffee Rendezvous at Rawmbas and the free coffee was great both as a beverage and a hand-warmer. Note the hands around the cups in the following image and don’t pay any attention to that stunned looking person leaning against the counter who’s not even holding his mug with both hands.

Kevin Looking Stunned

Kevin looking somewhat shell-shocked.

It was a very welcome stop and, to make things even better, as we were leaving we were each given a very nice Rawmbas water bottle to take with us. So, after a slightly longer stay that intended we got back into our wet gear and headed to our lunch date at the Nanaimo Alliance Church.

To to be continued when I have more time (and pictures).

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