I’m in Awe…

(This is a guest post by David Peters.)

On the fourth day the heavens opened and the waters came down, really, really hard! We’ve had it all this week. I am well and truly moisturized. We got pounded with rain, wind and vehicle spray. We are at the Nanaimo Alliance church for lunch and our wet clothing has been whisked away to be dryed. We are over halfway to ladysmith. I’m even having hot tea! That speaks to my level of warmth and wetness. Our spirit is not broken and we will persevere. Weather conditions inspires ingenious solutions to stay dry. My gear was good but there is a threshold amount of moisture beyond which even the best protection succumbs. We reached that level and then some. We covered a shorter distance today as planned but the weather presented different challenges than the previous 3 days. I’ve observed that the team members with PD (Parkinson’s Disease) all have a marked determination (dare I say stubbornness) to push on, to push through, to grip the task at hand between their teeth like a pit bull and shake that task and/or goal to shreds. It may not be smooth. It may not be nimble. It may not be without setbacks, crashes, tumbles and frustrations. In the end the task and/goal submits to greater character, to greater will, to greater inner strength. Could I do as they do if I were in their shoes? I’m not sure. From my vantage point it seems daunting and difficult. I am humbled once again when I measure my aches and pains and my trials and tribulations to the those with Parkinson’s, especially those on this journey. Please know that I admire and honour you all.


5 thoughts on “I’m in Awe…

  1. Camilla

    Great post David,
    We were thinking of the shake the rock Peddler’s all day and hoping that you all would arrive safe, if wet and cold.
    All the best for the rest of your ride.


  2. Ken Thompson

    I also admire and honour your determination and strength to accomplish the task at hand. ✌️️ + ♥️


  3. D. Colin Campbell

    Thank you for these words that to put it all in perspective. I’m humbled to look past myself, and grateful to be a friend and co-rider to these incredible people who have inspired so many with Parkinson’s on Vancouver Island and beyond.


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