Day 4 is a Wrap

Lunch at the Church

So, after our coffee stop we all saddled up and went to the Nanaimo Alliance Church where members of the Nanaimo PD Support Group were amassed to serve us lunch. Here are some arrival pictures taken by Ken Meisner, our resident Parky photographer:

Campbell Clan Arriving at Church

A wet Campbell clan arriving at the church for lunch.

More Pedalers Arrive at Church

Damp Pedalers David, Terry, Wendy’s Sister, Bruce and Wendy arriving at the church for lunch.

Wendy and Sister at Church

Wendy and Sister looking cheerful despite the wetness.

For many, the first item on the agenda was how to get dry (or, more precisely, less wet). I called the Island Optimal gym where I go to stay fit and which is only about a kilometre away and got permission to bring a pile of soaking clothing to throw into the dryer that they use for doing loads of towels (run-on sentence — yah, I know). Thanks Pat and Kate!

Lunch was entered around something that I worked with Rawmbas to put together which we called the Pedaler’s Wrap. It’s based on their vegetarian wrap with some avocado and other stuff added to give a boost to long distance cyclists needing lasting energy. Being quite a large wrap it comes in two halves so that less hungry people can share. With the drinks and fruit and desserts, including the must-have Nanaimo Bars, it was an excellent meal. Thanks to Susan, Sandy, Ken, John, Don, Karin, Dick, and all the people  whose names are slipping my mind who helped with the lunch event.

On to Ladysmith

The Pedalers split into two groups. One bee-lined it up to Northfield Road to the Parkway that they followed all the way to Ladysmith. I led the second group through Nanaimo on a less busy and less hilly path that got us onto Cedar Road which we then followed to its end at the Inland Parkway a couple of kilometres before Ladysmith.

Eventually we all ended up at the Holiday House Motel. Everyone was on their own for supper. Most of the Pedalers ended up at the Fox and Hound English-style Pub. A few went next door to the Spice Hut for Indian Cuisine.


Disclaimer: This is a shameless plug for one of my favourite snack stops and a part of my own personal awareness message.

If you’re in North Nanaimo and feeling hungry, check out Rawmbas. Try asking for a Pedaler’s Wrap which I think will be available on a trial basis. Two less-hungry people can easily share one — ask for it to be split in two. It’s not cheap as some of the fast-food “equivalents” (“counterparts” is probably a better word) but in light of research showing the possible benefits of diet to parkies to manage symptoms and even slow disease progression, it’s an important message that I want to share. See my post on Lifestyle and Parkinson’s.

Oh, and Rawmbas makes great smoothies too!

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