Final Thoughts from Alf

(This is a guest post from Alf Todd)

It is nearly two months since the fourteen cyclists that made up the 2017 Parky’s Pedalers, rode into Centennial Park in Saanichton B.C. to the welcome of nearly 150 cheering supporters.

Many have asked if “Shakin’ the Rock” was a worthwhile project.  If we were expecting  to find a cure for Parkinson’s, NO.  If we were hoping for international notoriety, NO.  The total amount of money raised by the project was a mere $27,526; a “drop in the bucket” when it comes to medical research.  However, since “every drop counts”, eventually the “bucket will be full and we will find a cure. Success cannot be measured by monetary figures.  What has encouraged me the most is the awareness and unity that was brought to the Parkinson’s groups on Vancouver Island.  The way each support group from Port Hardy to Victoria joined together in providing meals, support and encouragement .

Was “Shakin the Rock” a success?  Absolutely!!!  Words cannot express my personal gratitude to each and every one who worked side by side, who gave financially, and most of all to those who reached out their loving arms and embraced  us.  If I were to start naming names, I’d surely miss some;  so please allow me to say from the depths of my heart “Thank you” to all.

Until we ride again,

Alf Todd

2 thoughts on “Final Thoughts from Alf

  1. salishseeker

    Excellent post! I think Alf has nailed it. I can’t think of another “event” that unified all of the support groups on the island in such a complete way as Shakir’ The Rock…
    Doug Pickard

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  2. Myriame Lyons

    WOW! What an incredible event this has become! Congratulations again on the big finish, and THANK YOU for all the support and enthusiasm this has created!



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