Bret Schuurman

My name is Bret. Most of you know me… and I know you… and you probably already know that my Papa has Parkinson’s Disease.
But do you know about “Shakin’ the Rock”?
Well in case you don’t, let me tell you a little bit about it! Shakin’ the Rock is coming up in June and is going to be a 500km bike ride. The ride will start in Port Hardy on June 12 and end up in Victoria on June 17. There will be about 20 riders and I am going to be one of them!
As fun as this sounds, there is a reason for this ride. We are raising money to help people like my Papa who are living with Parkinson’s Disease.
The ride is coming up fast – I’m training lots and excited to ride with, and in support of, my Papa!
Thanks for your support!
Love, Bret