Who were we fundraising for?

The Parky’s Pedalers raised funds for two PD charities that are active on Vancouver Island.

Parkinson Society of British Columbia

The PSBC supports Parkinson’s education, research and information across British Columbia.

Direct donations closed on June 30. However, you can always send donations to PSBC through their normal donation page.  Better yet, become a member and receive breaking information about Parkinson’s disease research, information sessions, events, webinars, etc.

HeadWay – Victoria Epilepsy and Parkinson’s Centre

HeadWay supports research and programs in the Victoria area.

To donate to HeadWay, go to the VEPC Donation Page for Parky’s Pedalers 2017.

Where do the Funds Go?

All funds raised through the Donate menu go directly to one of the charities mentioned above. All costs for the execution of the Shakin’ the Rock ride are incurred by the Parky’s Pedalers themselves, friends or relatives, or by sponsors such as the Support Groups and businesses. See the Thank-yous menu for a list of these sponsors.