Welcome to the home page for the Shakin’ The Rock for Parkinson’s bicycle ride to raise awareness for Parkinson’s disease. The ride is also a fundraiser for two non-profit organizations offering services to Vancouver Island parkies and their caregivers.

The ride is now over and we would like to thank everyone who helped make the ride run smoothly. Fundraising, which has so far raised over $20,000, will officially end sometime on June 30. After that date, you can still donate to either charity. Consider becoming a member to get access to conferences, workshops and regular mailings of information.

To read about the ride or to see pictures taken along the way checkout our Posts Page. Please see our Thank-yous page for a list of all those groups, companies and organizations who have helped to make this ride possible.

Now What?

We have been asked if there will be future Shakin’ the Rock rides. This is something that will be considered in the months that follow given the success of the inaugural ride.

We are also discussing what to do with the ShakinTheRock.org website. One option is to refocus it on issues and concerns unique to parkies living on Vancouver Island without duplicating the efforts of other Parkinson’s organizations such as Headway and Parkinson Society BC. Anyone with ideas or suggestions are encouraged to contact us. If you are following this site, we will be posting from time to time as decisions about the future of Shakin’ the Rock are made.

We would like to repeat out big thank-you to everyone who made the 2017 Shakin’ the Rock ride possible.