Shakin’ the Rock Pedalers

Here are the pedalers for the Shakin’ The Rock ride. Some of the names link to short rider bios. Riders with a (P) after their name are Parkies. Each pedaler’s preferred charity or charities is listed with links to the proper page(s).

Parky’s Pedalers
Pedaler Location  Charity Preference(s)
Alf Todd (P) Victoria  VEPC
Ken Schuurman Victoria  VEPC
Bret Schuurman Victoria  VEPC
Bruce Jordan (P) Victoria  PSBCVEPC
David Peters Victoria  VEPC
Terry Jabusch (P) Victoria  VEPC
Jillian Carson (P) Brentwood Bay  PSBC, VEPC
Katie Nelson Victoria Area  PSBC, VEPC
Melissa Cowichan Bay  PSBC
Wendy Murray (P) Maple Bay  PSBC
Kevin Hood (P) Nanaimo  PSBC
Hans Buys Nanaimo  PSBC
David (Colin) Campbell Parksville  PSBC
Nate Campbell  Chilliwack  PSBC
Joshua Campbell  Chilliwack  PSBC